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Since then, most research into prejudice has sought to measure and describe these processes. The prevalence and persistence of stereotyping, for example, was established long ago. In 1933, Daniel Katz and Kenneth Braly asked 100 Princeton University college students to checklist traits of 10 racial and ethnic teams, then verify the five they felt finest characterized every group. Because the students agreed so typically — 75 % described Negroes” as lazy; seventy nine percent described Jews as shrewd — Katz and Braly were in a position to prove that these generalizations arose from widespread social attitudes reasonably than individual expertise.

While the U.S. was clearing our airspace, Washington was already talking to Transport Canada and Nav Canada in Ottawa - the Canadian capital. Both organizations are headquartered there. The primary action of these organizations was to get their home plane down secure and sound as was being accomplished within the U.S. (Remember that Transport Canada is responsible for all of the division of their transportation system, whereas Nav Canada is a personal organization that acts because the aviation division.) Nav Canada divided their operation that morning into two elements: strategic and tactical. The strategic activities had been run from Ottawa, whereas the tactical operations had been run out of Cornwall, within the province of Ontario.