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Starting in 1924 near Stoke-on-Trent, England, Belstaff produced sensible waterproof garments for each women and men. Even though the public that uses them now could be far more various and that's the reason the search for comfort and practicality by means of new supplies is something that can by no means cease inside this British vogue house. For them Belstaff jackets should pay attention to the most recent tendencies in good clothes, however without having to abandon the legacy that made them famous many years in the past.

We advocate you've gotten your waxed jacket re-waxed annually. You can do it your self by purchasing Thornproof dressing online and following the step-by-step guide. Re-waxing is very simple and should only require one tin, two if the garment is in a drained condition. Alternately, you'll be able to have your jacket professionally re-waxed by Barbour. Simply deliver your jacket to an Orvis retail store and have us ship it directly to Barbour, or visit Barbour's website for info on sending it to them yourself.

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