Johnny Depp New Face Of Condoms?

Type in ?Johnny Depp? and ?condom? in your Google search textbox and simply sit back

and watch the thousands of hits stream in. As we all know, rumors go flying across the internet in a span of seconds. All I would need to do is send an e-mail to a celebrity blogger that says I live in London (I don?t) and saw Amy Winehouse in my alley doing crack-cocaine with Kate Winslet and there would be a good chance that this rumor would find its way across thousands of celebrity blogs with headlines like ?Et tu, Kate?? With that being said, the current rumor circling around the net involves that aforementioned hunk of a man (I enjoy the scruffy look, sue me) Johnny Depp and, you guessed it, condoms.

Many fans of Johnny Depp know that he does not particularly enjoy being thought of as one of the ?sexiest men alive? (according to People Magazine who also called him one of their 50 Most Beautiful People and VH1, who ranked him #5 on their Hottest Hotties list), nor does he look back with fondness on his first acting gig in the 1980s in ?21 Jump Street.? However, he has stated in an interview that one reason he agreed to star in this teen crime drama is that the ?show teaches kids about drugs and safe sex.? According to reports, Depp, 44, is a major advocate of safe sex and safe sex education and has been since the 80?s.

These same reports also state that the condom manufacturer trojan has approached the star of such movies as ?The Pirates of the Caribbean? and ?What?s Eating Gilbert Grape? to become the spokesperson for their new Magnum line of condoms. There has said to be a $10 million offer on the table if Depp agrees to star in a few quirky television commercials (because if they are going for quirky and offbeat, they have found the right man) that highlight the new Magnum line. The head honchos at Trojan are hoping that adding Depp to their payroll as a spokesman will not only increase their condom sales in the United States but also help promote AIDS campaigns that endorse sending free condoms to third-world countries like South Africa where AIDS has become an overwhelming epidemic. A California?s Safer Sex Awareness spokesperson, upon hearing the news, stated, ?We?d welcome seeing a major Hollywood star helping to promote the cause. And there?s no one bigger than Johnny.?

Reports state that Depp has not yet decided whether or not to accept the offer, although I can imagine the Trojan head honchos and shareholders are practically foaming at the mouth for him to come on board. Some reports also hint that advertising executives have even come up with an appropriate slogan should Depp agree: ?Stand up with Johnny for safer sex.? I am not sure whether this is all an internet-created rumor, but if it isn?t, I, for one, would fully back Johnny Depp in promoting safe sex as a Trojan spokesman. What woman WOULDN?T want to have more sex and buy more condoms if Depp?s mug was on the box?

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