Must Have Chooka Rain Boots - Styles That You May Not Even Know

Do you love the style and chic fashion that always go along with those great Chooka rain boots? Chooka is well known for having reasonably priced, well made, and trendy women's rubber rain gear. They are consistently seen around the world at any venue. Great for teens, college students, moms, grandmoms, or career women, there is sure to be a style to match your personality.

There are so many styles of Chooka rain boots that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Many of us have seen the Koi fish, the Tattoo city, the incredibly fun Hello Kitty, the Classic dual buckle, and Dot series. Did you know that there are some other really great styles that are either new or not as heavily advertised that are just so amazing? Here are some other Chooka designs that will be sure knock your socks off, styles that you may not not even know about - until now!

Moto Black Chooka Motorcycle Boots

The Moto black boots have studded detail around their wrapped straps for all you motorcycle lovers out there. If you feel like you've been left out then rest assured that there's a great women's rain boot for you. These boots are so cool that I would even wear them even though I'm not a motorcycle rider. They are fabric lined to keep you warm, have removable insoles, are are 10" high with a small 1/2" heel. They're easy to walk in and incredible to look at.

Buffalo Plaid Chooka Rain Boots

Plaid styles boots are oh so fashionable right now. You've probably see them everywhere you go. Chooka had a great preppy plaid design that is no longer available. Now they have a great Buffalo Plaid boot. These boots are very unique. They are a large pattern plaid that is very classic looking and can be worn anywhere. They have a cotton lining with a side belt design. The colors are great and you can choose from black, charcoal, or a neat red.

Steelo Chooka Rain Boots

If you're looking for one of the hippest and hottest boots out there then whatever you do, don't overlook the Steelo rubber boots. These bright boots are edgy, feminine, and fun. They'll be sure to chase away the rainy weather blues. This graphic design is so chic that you'll want to wear them wherever you go. The rubber sole and upper are designed well and the side buckle is adjustable to ensure the best fit.