Resurrecting Anthony a True Story of Courage, Love and Devotion

Resurrecting Anthony: A True Story of Courage and Destination, by Alexandra Publishing is a book that brings into the forefront those thoughts every parent has but never wants to tackle. In 1994, I watched as a family I was a Visiting Teacher for struggled with the drowning and resuscitation of their toddler aged daughter and how those moments forever changed them. Resurrecting Anthony hit a home-run on capturing those feelings and speaking to me in ways that I didn't have the capacity to understand before they shared.

The book was heart-grabbing as the reader begins the journey of a couple and a family that enjoys life and then is faced with their son and a medical tragedy that steals him from them. It's a story of courage, of inspiration and strength as the story takes shape and is told mostly from the father's perspective.

The book impressed me and showed human compassion at heights I am so thankful for and how the love of a parent and their devotion to a child raises them above all else. Imagine having so much of what everyone dreams of..a nice home, a circle of amazing friends, a beautiful, loving family, a successful company. Sweet life.

Then, one of those thoughts we, as parents, tend to mute happens. A telephone call that will forever change the course of your life.

Tony and Linda Cole were those people. That phone call was one that delivered the news that their twelve year old son had collapsed on the playground after telling his friend, "I have no pulse". Anthony lay unconscious, motionless and without breath as the moments progress. Anthony is resurrected, after thirteen attempts from paramedics. His body and mind have been erased of the jovial, outgoing boy who left the house that day.

Resurrecting Anthony is the story that unfolds as the Cole's embrace Anthony and despite medical evidence and the advice of health professionals, devote themselves to return Anthony to his previous self. It's a journey of challenge where the Cole's display courage and make decisions no parent ever wants to, or should have to, make. It's a celebration of acceptance and change.

Linda prepares for Anthony's everyday care and Tony wants nothing more than to bring his child back to the child he was before his tragedy. The couple decides to embark on the experimental treatment HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In this tear-producing journey the Cole's share with us the restoration of smile, his light and those beautiful first words, "Yeah, Baby!"

This book had me pondering larger questions than I ever imagined and as I discovered the strength and love of the Cole's the story truly became more beautiful. It truly is the story of making every moment you have count; to never wait to tell someone you love them or are proud of them.

The Coles brought into light the paperwork and need for resources for families who experience similar situations as theirs with Anthony. The book, Resurrecting Anthony, is a valuable resource with a "Toolbox" on how to live through crisis, get organizational advice as well as a directory of resources that provides contact information for groups like the National Association of the State Directors of Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injury Association. Please take the time to review and share the information found at Resurrecting Anthony. Here you may also read other stories of personal courage, download coping strategies or just embrace Anthony's story.