Shoes That Look Like Feet

If you happen to have seen some people wear shoes that look like feet while exercising, then I am going to explain to you what is so great about these shoes. The most common brand is Vibram Fivefingers, which is available in stores.

The purpose of these shoes is that they're supposed to enable individuals to walk and run in the same way as if they were barefoot. Humans have not been wearing shoes for millions of years of evolution and it makes sense that barefoot running would be an option.

Until in recent times, humans were barefoot all the time. And there are many people in the world who have probably never even seen shoes.

Actually, a group of scientists realized this, and decided to do some trials. They compared shoe runners with barefoot runners and learned that those that run without shoes land differently.

The barefoot runners land on the front or middle of the foot well before they put their heel down, using their calves to cushion the strike of the heel. Modern shoe runners land directly on their heel, aided with the elevated and cushioned heel of the shoe.

Evidently, barefoot running generates a lesser impact when landing than running in shoes, and researchers believe that the large impact brought on by heel striking in shoes could be triggering those repetitive injuries that happen to be common in runners today.

It seems clear that it is a lot more natural for humans to run barefoot, or in shoes that are like feet, and it can decrease the probability of injuries considerably.

My advice will be to consider purchasing a pair of those shoes in order to prevent injury from endurance training and also to properly strengthen the calf muscles and muscles of the feet.

The human foot is a remarkable feat of engineering, and it seems like a waste to spend an entire lifetime on running with shoes that hinder the natural activities of the foot.

I really believe these shoes have come to be, and we will see a lot more of them in the near future. When running barefoot, or on shoes that look and feel like feet, it is crucial to ease into it progressively.

For people who have been running on modern shoes their entire life, changing to barefoot or minimalist shoes is a tremendous change and it will take a while to evolve. The calves and soles of the feet could be sore in the early stages.