Toywatch Guide

The Toywatch brand was formed by Italian watch collector and enthusiast Marco Mavilla in 2005. Mavilla wanted to use the distinctive watch face designs from the Submariner and Daytona model's of a famous Swiss watch brand and incorporate them into a fun watch with a much lower price tag. Using plastic materials instead of precious metals he created a range of watches that today is known as Toywatch.

In 2006 Mavilla was showing his watches at a trade fair in Italy, when he met fellow watch enthusiast and American Randy Gordon. Gordon was so impressed with the brand that he immediately agreed to distribute and retail the brand in the USA, and set up the company Toywatch USA to facilitate this. The watch immediately took off in the States thanks in no part to the large amount of A list celebrities who were seen sporting the brand.

Today the Toywatch collection is vast with several different ranges available in a multitude of colours. Three of the most popular ranges are the Toywatch Plasteramic collection, the Ceramic collection and the Jelly watch collection. One of the newest ranges is the Toywatch Stained Glass Plasteramic series, all the pieces have a white gloss strap, with the glass of the face stained in one of 5 bright colours. The watches have a great entry level pricing point starting at around $100 and moving up to around $4000 for the more exclusive selections. The average price of a Toywatch is around $250.

Toywatch today is very much an International brand, and is sold in hundreds of countries and thousands of outlets around the world.