Why A Barbour Quilted Jacket Is The Best Choice For Any Season

Why do so many people decide that a Barbour quilted jacket is the ideal coat? Is it because of the name Barbour? After all, Barbour coats are favoured by many well known people, including the Royal Family. Or is it that quilted jackets are so popular right now, and offer so much warmth and comfort?

In fact there are many good reasons why people choose Barbour quilted jackets, and many different types of people, from those looking for men's designer clothes to those looking for something purely from a practical point of view. The thing with the name Barbour is that instantly people know that the coat will exude quality, both in terms of styling and in manufacture. People know and trust the name Barbour, safe in the knowledge that all of their coats are made from high quality materials, with an astonishing amount of time and effort spent on the details, providing comfort, warmth and protection that will last.

Today there often seems to be a trend for people to buy 'this year's coat', or the current winter coat style. Often these coats are made to last little more than a season or two, and will rapidly wear out. This isn't the mark of quality, but the mark of a quick fashion fix. This is not to suggest that Barbour is not fashionable - many of their newest designs are very much cutting edge, offering styles, designs and colours that are at the very forefront of popular fashion.

But at the same time many of the coats currently made by Barbour seem almost to transcend fashion, offering a look that is simply timeless. Sometimes a look and a style is just as good as it can be, with there being no real need to mess about with it for the sake of the next season. Many people buy a Barbour quilted jacket because they know that not only will they look good, and be kept warm and comfortable, but they know that they'll still look good next year, and the year after that. In fact this is a good thing because when you have a coat that is as likely to last many, many years it's good to know that it will still remain looking stylish and attractive many years down the line.

There aren't many coats which can lay claim to either of those benefits, yet Barbour remain one of those brands which can easily lay claim to such an achievement. If you're looking for a quilted jacket, whether by Barbour or by any other manufacturer, then there are a couple of things to bear in mind in order to make sure you make the right choice. First of all look at the quilted pattern. This often diagonal stitching is not simply to look good, but to help ensure an even distribution of the padding inside the coat. A Barbour quilted jacket will often contain the very best quality down, and if the sections of the coat are too large this can lead to sagging, with the insulation packing down at the bottom of each segment, offering little or no insulation in large patches across the whole coat. High quality padding with small stitched panels is ideal.

Also, look at the pockets for the hands. In some cases you'll find these sewn on to the front of the coat, but Barbour tend to create the pocket as an integral part of the coat so that once your hands are inside the pocket they are as well insulated as the rest of you. It's little touches like this as well as the timeless style and high quality which makes a Barbour quilted jacket more than just a coat - it's an investment in your future comfort.